Congratulations! AXHUers achieve at national finals

Date: 02 13,2023   Author:

Congratulations! AXHUers achieve at national finals


International Office, Anhui Xinhua University

Jan 6, 2023


Recently, at the 4th Chinese Classics Contests co-hosted by the MOE, the State Language Work Committee, the China Education Television (CETV) and the Central Academy of Drama, AXHU’s faculty members receive 1 second prize and 2 honorable mentions.


The Contests is one of the branded activities initiated by the ZHONGHUA JINGDIAN SONGDU GONGCHENG (i.e. engineering projects for inheriting and advancing the Chinese traditional tangible and intangible culture in the creation of poetry, art of elocution and interpreting, calligraphy, seal-cutting, etc.), comprising a total of 4 areas as follows:

CHANT CHINA—to recite and elocute classical Chinese literature works 

POEM CHINA—to interpret and commentate Chinese poetic expressions

CALLIGRAPHY CHINA—to write and create Chinese Script

SEAL-CUTTING CHINA—to make and craft China Seals  


This event is well known for implementing a philosophy of guiding the masses (especial for young people) to gain wisdom from the Chinese classics, live up to ideal and faith, reflect the spirit of times, and showcase the inheritance and innovation in the area of Chinese classics.


Setting out from Apr 1 2022, through the process of nomination, selection and evaluation by relevant provincial-level departments as well as experts in particular across China, the 3,754 video works of 7 divisions (rounded) are eligible for the national preliminary, 1370 for the finals, and 330 for the grand finals.


Retrospectively, the work “Flowering” by AXHU’s faculty FANG Xiaoqing and ZHAI Chunxiang (as a representative from Anhui province) is qualified to its national grand finals, at which the two candidates are passionately performing the poetic work titled “A Leaf of Chinese Scholar Tree” fully translating the poet’s nostalgic feelings, and by doing so, they win its second prize. Plus, the works “Sparkling in Youth” (by WANG Qunfang, ZHAI Chunxiang), “Reading China” (by HONG Yu, FANG Xiaoqing, ZHENG Shuai and XIA Yan) respectively obtain the honorable mention.


As of today, the Chinese Classics Contests committee has run 4 sessions in succession. In the process of building a high-caliber application-oriented institution of Anhui provincial higher education, the AXHU-wide strategic actions highlight both the training for improvement of faculty members’ theoretical and practical capabilities and the structuring for a platform on which the internal and external teaching staff can conduct learning, academic communication and forward-looking research.