Seminar with SAF held at AXHU

Date: 09 26,2022   Author:

Seminar with SAF held at AXHU


International Office, Anhui Xinhua University

September 23, 2022


On the afternoon of September 21, 2022, a seminar related to the SAF (the Study Abroad Foundation) international communication project is held at AXHU. The fellows of SAF China, Director-general TAO Yuan, Manager of SAF Shanghai Office Aimee Qiao and University Relations Manager Helen WU, pay a friendly visit to AXHU main campus. Reciprocally, AXHU staff applaud and warmly greet them, comprising the assistant president WANG Qijin, heads or chief officers from the International Office, Teaching Affairs Department, Students’ Affairs Department, School of Accounting and Finance, School of Culture and Communication, School of Business, and School of Foreign Studies/ School of International Education, who attend this conference, which is chaired by the director-general of the International Exchange and Cooperation Office XU Ming.   


In the beginning, Mr. WANG Qijin presents the general Information of AXHU and extends  sincerely welcome to the visiting cooperative partnership from SAF China. And WANG narrates a history of AXHU education, current status and featured pedagogical fruition, and also elaborates its discipline structure and specialties divisions, discipline competition, university-enterprise cooperation, as well as “development of individual academic competence” of AXHU academic staff, and then confirms that AXHU education consistently aligns its educational practices with a trend of application-oriented and internationalization-driven higher education, and continuously expands the areas of its internationally educational cooperation. To today, AXHU has formed some stable and positive connections with more than 20 universities or academic institutes across the world, and in the post-pandemic era, tries its utmost to explore an array of solutions to develop the international higher education, and to scale up a higher level exchange and cooperation of international education from all aspects.


Ms. TAO Yuan expresses her appreciation to AXHUers’ welcome, and makes an introduction to SAF organization, its current projects, as well as the successful cases in the area of internationally educational collaboration, so as to benefit the China undergrads and global members of SAF as much as possible, by providing considerate services and support. In addition, Tao demonstrates the types and edges of SAF projects. Hopefully, this SAF delegation voices that they are eager to establish a strategic cooperative relations with AXHU Education.  


During the meeting, the attendees have a constructive discussion and communication from the aspects of the Language, Cost, Discipline Training, Credit Transfer System, and otherwise.


At last, Wang Qijing concludes, “All the educational work should be based on the students’ real needs, the current conditions and the objective situations. In the coming days, all the related work should be carried out in progress, and be full of clinic efficacy and promising effects. And the two parties must keep a closer contact via virtual link or in-person dialogues to realize the ideal cooperative contents, aiming to shape an “outstanding model” featuring a win-win-win cooperation comprising of the universities, students and faculty & staff, and other twinning partnerships.”