A Video Link Conference—AXHU initiates a cooperative program with Ider University

Date: 06 10,2022   Author:

A Video Link Conference—AXHU initiates a cooperative program with Ider University


International Office, Anhui Xinhua University

May 23, 2022


On the afternoon of May 23, 2022, setting out to schedule an international education cooperation, the AXHU International Office hosts a virtual event for an in-depth discussion, mutual understanding, and constructive communication with its counterpart from the Ider University of the People's Republic of Mongolia, which includes the president Zhaori Getu, the assistant president and also director of the Foreign Affairs Office Gu Le, the director of the International Students’ Affairs Office Da Xi. And the director of AXHU International Office Xu Ming, along with the deputy director Cheng Yi, chairs this online conference.

At first, Mr. Xu outlines the current status and conditions of AXHU, as well as its featured educational practices. And then he elaborates, “Since the founding of AXHU, it has marked many of historical breakthroughs, and stays Top 10 of China Private Higher Education, which adheres to the application-based, internationalization-driven educational solutions in all aspects, and ceaselessly expands the international boundaries. And to today, AXHU has established the 30-strong stable cooperatives with its global partners.  

About the education development and international outlook of the Ider University, Ms. Gu Le details, “Founded in 1995, it is also one of the Top 10 Universities in the People's Republic of Mongolia, with a two-factor authentication—senior accreditation of the Ministry of Education of Mongolia, and ACBSP (of U.S. business schools, Accreditation Council For Business Schools and Programs), and has run lots of undergraduate or postgraduate programs in the areas of English Language (English Language Teaching), Business Administration (Marketing Management), Accounting, Sociology, Social Work, Mongolic Language, Journalism (Teacher Education, and Media Experts Training), Food Production Technology and Safety Control, Computer Technology Engineering, Computer Software Engineering, Tourism Administration, etc..” 

During that, the two sides have a hot discussion online, and successfully reach an initial consensus on the two aspects as follows: 1) The “2+2 cooperative education (in the areas of International Trade and Computer Science & Technology)”—after 2-year (freshman, sophomore) undergraduate study to get the academic credits as needed at Ider University, and then the Mongolic candidates can register at AXHU for the other 2-year (junior, senior) overseas study and complete the remaining credits as required for granting both the graduation certificate and bachelor’s degree jointly by the two universities. 2) The postgraduate programs—after graduation, AXHU undergraduates can apply for the continued study for master’s degree in Business Administration or Education at Ider University, featuring the strengths of being low-cost and high efficacy in view of students’ actual conditions and developmental trajectory, which benefits them not only to improve the academic level and personal development, but also to expand their international horizons.

At last, the two parties coherently approve, “In the coming days, the key items on agenda shall include drafting protocol, signing A Letter of Intent on Cooperation, and the point-to-point linkages (between the schools, colleges or departments), so as to make into effect the first-time internationally bilateral educational cooperation between the Ider University and AXHU in the new era.”