Undergraduate Admissions in 2022

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AXHU Undergraduate Admissions in 2022


Majors and Concentrations  

International Economics and Trade: Macro/microeconomics; International Economics; Econometrics; International Settlement; International Commercial Law; International Trade Practice; Documents for Foreign Trade


Civil Engineering: Engineering Mechanics; Civil Engineering Drafting; Civil Engineering Materials; Soil Mechanics and Foundation; Basic Principles of Steel tructures;  Construction Technology and Organization of Civil Engineering; construction cost of Civil Engineering


Electrical Engineering and Automation: Digital Circuit; Automatic Control Principle; PLC and Application; Power System Analysis; Power System Relay Protection; Fault Diagnosis, Detection and Conversion of Electrical Equipment


Computer Science and Technology: C Language Programming; Digital Logic Circuit; Data Structure; Java Programming; Single Chip Microcomputer Principle and Application; Software Engineering; Microcomputer Principle and Interface Technology


Targets Recruited

Globally, the excellent graduates from senior high school


Program Strengths at AXHU

Major courses taught in Chinese and/ or English

Based on academic disciplines, placement and capacity of international students, the courses are taught in Chinese and/ or English.


Chinese language proficiency

Application Request is in Chinese language: Zero or less exposure.

There is no Chinese language level requirement for enrollment, and at AXHU, a cohort of experienced Chinese language instructors will conduct language training (HSK4-6).


Scholarships & Aids

With affordable tuition fees, generous aids and scholarships, the cost of studying at AXHU is far lower than that of Europe and the United States. According to the comprehensive performance, students can obtain AXHU scholarships of up to 5,000 RMB each year, which greatly alleviates the pressure of studying abroad.


Full service from school to employment

AXHU has set up the Office for International Students’ Affairs to provide whole-course educational service for the international students in living and studying. Before graduation, the university will provide students with internship programs.


Beautiful campus, comfortable living space

AXHU is located at the south range of the beautiful Dashushan Mountain National Forest Park, being with a good eco-community. The dormitory for foreign students is clean and tidy. All the rooms are equipped with air-conditioning, separate toilets, laundry facilities, as well as a kitchen specific for international students.


Application Requirements

Graduates from senior high school (or candidates with the equivalent degree) across globe

The applicants are with an average grading of “C”or Grade-Point Average (GPA) of more than 75 (or at the same level), but the academic performance shall be assessed by AXHU faculty members, correspondingly.

No criminal record

Physical examination certificate

The family is with a good economic stability, and can afford all the expenses while studying abroad


Tuition Fees and Miscellaneous Expenses

Tuition fee: 10,000 RMB/ year

Accommodation: 2,000 RMB/ year

Insurance: 800 RMB/ person/ year

Textbooks: 1,000 RMB/ person

Notes:  International student can apply for AXHU scholarship of up to 5,000/ year according to what she or he behaves and achieves each academic year. The admitted first years are all entitled to 5,000 RMB AXHU scholarship, absolutely.  The dynamic charging of Textbooks is under the circumstances of a refund for any overpayment and a supplemental payment for any deficiency.


Schooling and Certificate

At AXHU, the international students (4-year undergraduate program) pacing for academic courses must, in advance, obtain HSK4 accreditation of China. 

Provided that the undergraduate meets the relevant requirements as needed, AXHU will grant Bachelor’s Degree or Graduation Certificate.


Application Deadlines

Application deadline for fall entry is June 30, 2022.


Contact Us:Office for International Students’ Affairs, International Exchange and Cooperation Office, Anhui Xinhua University, 230088, China.


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