A memorable moment of 2022

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A memorable moment of 2022


International Office, Anhui Xinhua University

Dec 19, 2022


On the afternoon of Dec 19, 2022, members with AXHU and Chiang Rai Rajabhat University (CRRU) are convened to the online signing ceremony, comprising the AXHU executive vice president WANG Li, the assistant president WANG Qijin, the International Exchange and Cooperation Office director-general XU Ming and the deputy director CHENG Yi, the deputy dean of the School of Accounting and Finance ZHANG Lu, the assistant dean of the School of Culture and Communication ZHENG Shuai, and the representatives of AXHU-CRRU-accredited Honorary Professors, and the CRRU president Dr SONG, the vice president Dr PAI, the assistant president Dr NA, Center for International Education Management director-general Dr Fan as well as the staff members of its presence in Beijing. This event is chaired by Mr. Richard Gao the director with the Beijing-based office.


Respectively, WANG Li and SONG congratulate and address at the ceremony. In the beginning, Wang Li points out, “This is not only a groundbreaking work by AXHU and CRRU, but also an insight into what the two sides are committed to making headway in the area of higher learning while pioneering constructive solutions by regions or countries to put in place the prospects of educational internationalization, which is recording an epic moment and generating a far-reaching influence on the both parties’ educational practices and development targets in the post-pandemic era.” And Song expounds, “CRRU also attaches a great significance to this internationally educational cooperation with AXHU and is contributed to the future of this programme on all fronts, and the mutual visits in person could be carried out in the context of COVID-19 response optimization...” Afterwards, the representatives are appointed by the two schools to sign on the Memorandum of Understanding (by WANG Li and SONG) and the Cooperation Agreement (by WANG Qijin and Fan).


In accordance with the agreements above, which require to build up the “AXHU-CRRU Cooperative Education Office” at both AXHU and CRRU alike. The team comprising 9 AXHU professors is appointed for services to the master’s programs in CRRU. At the launching ceremony and inaugural ceremony as parts of the event, professor WANG Wei of the AXHU School of Accounting and Fiance remarks, “I’m humbled and honored to be one of the team, and we continually contribute our academic specialism and strengths in various ways to boost this intercollegiate collaboration and strategic action, so as to train high-qualified talents and promote common development in the coming days.”  


This event sees a historical breakthrough. A comprehensive consensus is reached by the partner universities in the areas of joint education, academic staff exchange programme, exchange and visiting studies, credit transfer system, transfer-specific curriculum structure, etc., which are establishing international networks and co-building a promising academic community. And the current students can obtain additional academic resources to deepen their knowledge or good chance to continuing education and field work, while the faculty and staff members can substantially improve standards of teaching, working and scientific research.