AXHU holds “Follow-up Meeting”

Date: 12 15,2022   Author:

AXHU holds Follow-up Meeting


International Office, Anhui Xinhua University

Dec 15, 2022  


Recently, the international office runs an online meeting to resume the international educational cooperation with the ADEGO ACADEMY SDN BHD at AXHU Cloud Platform for International Education.


The attendees for this online event include the president of ADEGO ACADEMY SDN BHD Jack Chen and its Program Manager Andrew Loo, director-general XU Ming and deputy director Cheng Yi of the AXHU International Exchange and Cooperation Office, AXHU School of Arts Xu Cunfu and its Secretary Wang Jing, as well as other members.


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the cooperative matters involving the international education program suspending in the last two years will be on a course leading to ongoing management and operation for the planned project reached by two sides. Within this online communication, they proactively discuss the “Cooperation Resolution” towards some emerging questions in the post-pandemic era, and reach a general consensus in some aspects.


These are set out:

  • According to both the Cooperation Memorandum 2019 and the 2+2 Cooperative Education Project 2020, the two universities shall step up and actively provide academic support for each other based on the negotiated items in the academic year 2022-23: the well-qualified Malaysian candidates, who complete their first and second-year study at ADEGO ACADEMY SDN BHD, can begin the third and fourth-year academic learning and cultural experience at AXHU.


  • Docking with the divisions, faculties and departments, the two universities should channel and co-build a wider intercollegiate academic space for accessing to educational resources, strengthening faculty-student connections and cross-national emotional bonds, supporting artwork exhibition and appreciation, and ensuring a regular, effective and sustainable working mechanism.   


  • Leveraging modern technology (e.g. by cloud platform), the two universities shall organize a series of online events specific for this cooperative program, comprising themed symposium, scholarly advisory service, project promotion, and international academic conference.    


  • Scheduling in the suitable conditions and situations, the two universities (including school leaders and administrators, faculty and staff, and students) will conduct some field visits and face-to-face communication, by which to boost an in-depth collaboration in the area of international higher education.


Upon mutual recognition and confirmation, the two parities shall make co-effort to explore a new path signposted to the cross-linguistic, intercultural and humanistic community in the post-pandemic era, so as to foster a considerable number of high-level, high-quality and application-oriented talents featuring global vision in the background of Globalization.